Epi Pen Legislation Update

Sample unassigned epinephrine auto-injector policies were emailed out to TPSA member schools last month.  These policies were sent to the main contact for each school, but if you are with a member school and you did not get this sample policy, please email us at [email protected] and we will send you a copy.  We are happy to answer any questions about implementing this life-saving policy in your school.

A statewide committee comprised of allergists and school nurses is deciding best practices with these new policies in public and private schools.  TPSA will be present at all of these meetings to keep you up to date on what changes may need to be made to school policies to remain in compliance.

Schools are protected from liability if they have a policy that has been adopted and the training outlined in the policy is completed.

One clarification is that the names of the child or adult who gets the unassigned epinephrine auto-injector should not be included on the reports for HIPPA/FERPA reasons. 


August Featured Schools

Congratulations to Burton Adventist Academy in Arlington, Fort Bend Christian Academy, Plainview Christian Academy, St. Francis School, and The Clariden School in Southlake.  These schools are our featured schools of the month!  TPSA is honored to be able to highlight the amazing things that happen in our accredited private schools in Texas.

David's Law Update:
Bullying Policies for Schools

David's Law (SB 179), named in memory of David Molak, a San Antonio teenager who committed suicide after being relentlessly bullied, establishes reporting requirements for bullying and cyberbullying in public schools. 

Private schools were removed from this legislation since they are accountable to accreditation commissions, not the state legislature, so it was not appropriate to include private schools in this law.

However, Senator Menendez's staff spoke to the accreditation commissioners in April and offered best practices for preventing and handling bullying and cyberbullying issues in schools. 

TPSA has compiled these suggestions and will distribute them to member schools in the next week.  Please contact us if you do not receive these best practices, and you are interested in having them to consider in your own school.

Tires for Trinity Lutheran

In late June, Trinity Lutheran Preschool won an important Supreme Court challenge against the state of Missouri with a decisive 7 - 2 vote.

The case centered on a Missouri program promoting the use of mulch from recycled tires in playgrounds. A Lutheran preschool applied for this program, but was rejected because it was a religious school.  The school's application ranked 5th out of 44 applications and 14 grants were awarded. 

The Court ruled that the state's constitution did not require it to discriminate against religious institutions in state programs of general application.  The school was entitled to be treated the same as secular non-profits.

This victory calls into question Blaine amendments that have been used to exclude faith-based instiutions from public programs.  The impact of this ruling could extend into school choice programs and other issues that relate to religious private schools.  Background information may be found in the May CAPE Outlook.

School Choice Falters in Special Session

Despite incredible testimony by parents, teachers, and heads of school, SB 2 and HB 253 did not reach the finish line during this special session.  Governor Abbott put school choice for special needs students on the call of 20 items to consider during this 30 day special session that began on July 18th and ended on August 15th.  The Senate passed out a $10,000 tax credit scholarship for children with special needs early in the session. 

The House had a hearing (shown below) for the same bill later in the session, but instead of voting on a school choice bill, they substituted a grant for children who stay in public schools to get after-school tutoring. 


Membership Renewal Coming Soon

 TPSA invoices for the 2017-2018 school year will be sent out in September, and email notifications will be going out as well. 

We could not have passed our 2 bills, killed the 9 bad bills, or monitored the other 25 in order to make sure that they do not negatively affect private schools without your help!

Membership is a very reasonable $1.20 per student and information about joining may be found here.

Thank You Sponsors!

The Texas Private Schools Association is honored to have these incredible companies sponsor the association on a yearly basis.  Our sponsors are true partners with TPSA in protecting the independence and autonomy of private schools while ensuring continued success of private education in Texas.  TPSA could not do the work it does without their continued support.