Announcing a New Legislative Proposition -

Allowing Private PK-12 Accredited Schools to Pass Along Credit Card Fees to Parents Instead of Having to Budget for Fees

Feedback Welcome!

On Monday, January 12th, the Board of Trustees of the Texas Private Schools Association voted to pursue legislation that would allow private schools to pass along credit card processing fees to parents. 

Currently only government agencies and private and public institutions of higher education are exempt from the requirement that entities that accept credit cards must absorb these fees instead of passing them on to the consumer that chooses to use a credit card.

It is our belief that schools can allow parents who want to earn miles or use credit cards for any reason to pay the fee that is incurred without having to pass along the fees to all parents in the higher tuitions that result.  

We are getting positive reactions from legislators with whom we have discussed this idea, and we look forward to a bill being filed soon.  We will keep schools updated on its progress, and please contact [email protected] with any questions or concerns about the implications of this kind of legislation.

January Featured Schools

Congratulations to Explorations Preparatory School, Levelland Christian School, Presbyterian Pan American School, The Monarch School, and Trinity School of Midland These schools are our featured schools of the month!  These are very different types of schools all commited to serving students and families with excellence.

There will be the largest school choice rally in Texas history on the south Capitol steps in Austin on Friday, January 30th at 10am.  This is a celebration of all the great school choices that we have in the state of Texas.

We have private schools from all over the state travelling to Austin to be a part of this historic gathering - schools in Seguin, Carrollton, San Antonio and Pasadena.  It will be a rockin' good time!  Join us!

If you are in San Antonio, there is another rally happening on Wednesday, January 28th from 4:00-5:00pm at St. Anthony Catholic High School where school choice supporters will come together and petition Texas lawmakers to take notice and make school choice a reality.  Please contact Jose Calderon for more information about this event:  [email protected]

Save The Date!
June 10, 2015
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And Here We Go...The 84th Legislature

The 84th Legislature was sworn in on January 13th, and the fun began.  The Texas Private Schools Association is here in the pink dome, representing the accredited private schools in Texas and making sure that we maintain our independence and autonomy, but are not forgotten. 

There are two bills that have been filed already that concern private schools.  Senator Donna Campbell filed SB 276 the Taxpayer Savings Grant Bill to allow public school families to transfer their students to a private school and use a grant from the state to do so.  Senator Van Taylor has filed SB 301 to allow private schools to have armed marshals on campus if the school's board votes to allow this to happen.  We will watch these bills as they move forward and we will have a bill-tracking chart on our website up and running soon at to help you stay informed.  As always, please contact our office with any questions at [email protected]

The Basics of our New Legislature

ALL NEW STATE LEADERS: New Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General and Comptroller

NEW COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Senate Education, Senate Finance, House Appropriations

: Speaker Joe Straus re-elected.
98 Republicans and 52 Democrats
25 Freshman joining 38 Sophomores in 150 member House
(special elections to fill a few more open seats)

TEXAS SENATE: Under new leadership of Lt. Governor Dan Patrick
20 Republicans and 11 Democrats
9 Freshman Senators join 11 Sophomores in 31 member Senate


Anything can happen this legislative session, but rest assured that the Texas Private Schools Association will be there to represent private schools and keep you informed of issues that relate to quality private education in Texas.

Federal Funds

But Wait...There's More!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, if you act now you may be eligible for additional Title and Special Education services. Maximum entitlements for programs in the 2014-15 Special Education Consolidated Grant and the Consolidated NCLB (Title I, II, III) Grant were made available to local education agencies (LEAs) in November and December, respectively.  Maximum entitlements incorporate prior year carry over, if applicable. 

If your LEAs have not yet contacted you, make sure you contact them now to request your proportionate share for additional services. TEA automatically places the funds in the largest budgeted class/object code for each district. However, districts may submit an amendment to the grant if necessary.  How and what additional services will be provided to your students, teachers and staff must be determined in consultation between the LEA and the private school and must address the needs of the private school. So, call now to get your fair share.

If you want to check if your LEA received additional funds you may do so by going to Entitlements, Division of Grants Administration on the TEA website and clicking on 2014-15 Consolidated NCLB Maximum Entitlements or 2014-15 Consolidated Special Education Maximum Entitlements.

We are here to help!  If you have questions or need more information please contact [email protected]  or the U. S. Office of Non Public Education at 202-401-1365.