Representative Dale Visits with Austin School                                  Leaders

Thank you to Rep. Tony Dale (R) Cedar Park for speaking to the Austin area heads of school on January 20th at Brentwood Christian School

We have just started the 85th legislative session, and it is already filled with bills that might affect private schools. 

Executive Director Laura Colangelo and Representative Dale talked through the bills that have been filed already that could affect private schools if they become law.

TPSA will be following each and every one to make sure that the independence and autonomy of private schools is maintained.  

Keep track of bills we support and oppose on the TPSA website here.  This is where we will update school leaders on bills of importance to their schools.

January Featured Schools

We are starting off the new year with five amazing featured schools!  Congratulations to Crimson Christian Academy in Lufkin, First Baptist Academy in Houston, Key School in Ft. Worth, Sojourn Academy (formerly Oak Ridge Christian) in Oak Ridge North, and Trinity Episcopal School in Victoria!

Get more information about these schools on our Facebook page or Twitter feed at @TXPrivateSchool.

        ESSA Webinar

Last chance for an ESSA overview webinar! 

Go here to register for the webinar on January 31st, 2017 at 1pm CST.

The Texas Private Schools Association has set up an ESSA working group with representatives from the TEA to make sure that we are implementing the law to benefit the children and families in private schools in Texas.  This group will begin meeting in January.  We will consider such items as the ombudsman position that should help private schools take advantage of the federal funds to which they are due.

We are working closely with the TEA to fill this position.  The job description is not available yet, but if you are interested in working as a liasion between the private school community and the Texas Education Agency, or you know someone who would be a great fit, please email TPSA at [email protected]

The Tax Credit Scholarship bill was filed and we are working to get it passed this session!  This is a very similar bill to the one that passed the Senate in 2015.

A huge thank you to Senator Paul Bettencourt and Representative Dwayne Bohac for fighting for increased educational opportunity for Texas schoolchildren!

If you are interested in an overview of the school choice issue and the tax credit scholarship idea in particular, please email TPSA at [email protected] for an information sheet.


School Choice Rally in Texas! TPSA Schools Were There...

Governor Greg Abbott was the keynote speaker at the National School Choice Week rally on January 24th in Austin.  Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick was also a featured speaker at the event, and many school choice legislative champions were honored.  This event celebrates every type of school - public, private, charter, virtual, and homeschool.  Twelve buses of private school students, teachers and parents were among the 4,000 people who celebrated the incredible diversity of educational options in Texas. 

Lunches, tours, legislator was a packed day of activity for our TPSA schools!

Representative Schofield visits with Faith West Academy students in the Capitol. 

Students from Harvest Christian Academy in Fort Worth enjoyed their day learning about how laws are made!  If your school is interested in joining us next year for the National School Choice Week Rally, please contact us at [email protected]

High Parental Satisfaction Rate in Private Schools

In a nationally representative sample of 1,571 parents with children in school commissioned by Education Next, parent satisfaction levels across five  school domains were examined: teacher quality, discipline, expectations for achievement, safety, and instruction in character and values. 

Parents in the private sector were far more satisfied with most aspects of their children's schools than are parents with children in district schools.  Satisfaction level for charter school parents generally fall somewhere in between in most areas. 

For more details of this study, see the January 2017 CAPE Outlook.