SB 579 was passed and signed by the Governor, so it is law.  This law requires private schools to write a policy for epinephrine auto injector storage, maintenance, training and disposal.  There are also reporting requirements in case one of these stocked pens is used.

The Texas Private Schools Association is working with the Texas Education Agency and the Health and Human Services Department to clarify these rules.  It is taking longer than anticipated, but TPSA does not want to distribute any incorrect information.  Sample policies and information about free epi-pens that are available for schools will be sent to TPSA member schools as soon as everyone is clear on how to implement this new law.


This person helps shape state policy in regards to federal funds and relations with private non-profit schools.  There will be 3-4 meetings a year.  Please contact TPSA for more information!  [email protected]

June Featured Schools

Congratulations to Abundant Life Christian School in La Marque, Humble Christian School, Jesuit College Preparatory School in Dallas, The Kenley School in Abilene, and the Montessori School of San Antonio.  These schools are our featured schools of the month! 

JUNE 28th, 2017!!

Join TPSA and the Baylor University College of Education for a fascinating day-long workshop highlighting important issues facing private schools.

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017
8:30am - 4:30pm
Baylor University School of Education
$75 for non-TPSA members
$50 for TPSA members
(includes lunch and conference materials)

Amanda Costello is the highlighted morning speaker as she makes a return appearance to discuss all legal issues in private schools - from social media to lockdown procedures to transgender policies, Amanda knows the law!  Don't miss her important presentation.  Other topics include textbook and digital media selection for the classroom and positive coaching techniques! 

Click here for more information, or contact Carol Stukenbroeker at [email protected].

Spinal Screening Age Change and Photoscreening Change for Vision Exams

HB 1076
passed and was signed by the Governor.  This bill allows the Commissioner of Health and Human Services to consider the most recently accepted and peer-reviewed scientific research in determining the appropriate ages for the spinal screening in schools. 

It is likely that this will move the screenings from both boys and girls in grades 6 and 9 to girls in grades 5 and 7 and boys in grade 8.  The Commissioner must adopt the rules by January 1, 2018 in order to clarify the best ages for these important screenings.  TPSA will keep private schools posted on when these rules are officially adopted.

HB 3157 also passed and was signed by the Governor.  This new law allows photoscreening to be used in school vision exams for children at any age, not just under 5 as was previously mandated.  Private schools are NOT REQUIRED to do this type of examination, but may refer students to the local Lions Club if a photoscreening exam is requested by parents or suggested by a school nurse.

Please contact TPSA with questions about this or any bill that includes private schools:  [email protected]

It Was a Great Session for Texas Private Schools!  And It is Not Over Yet!

Latest Update:  School Marshal Bill Signed by the Governor.  Private Schools May Now Access Training

TPSA had its best session yet, passing two of its legislative priorities, stocking epi pens on campus and access to school marshal training, and keeping many more bills from becoming law that would have resulted in more government intervention in private schools. 

Click here to see a video that summarizes the past legislative session for private schools.

But wait, there's more!  The Tax Credit Scholarship bill for low-income students did not get a hearing in the House, but the Education Savings Account bill for students with special needs is still alive in the special session that Governor Abbott called for July 18th.  TPSA will be active at the Capitol again for those 30 days to try to make private school choice a reality in Texas, while continuing to make sure that any bill that is introduced during the special session does not limit the independence and autonomy of private schools. 

Not All Students Exposed to Art and Music Education -  More Exposure and Proficiency in Private Schools

The National Center for Education Statistics released a report in April that measured music and visual arts achievement in public and private schools.  It showed that 67% of private school eighth-graders across the country said they had taken a music class in 2016, compared to 62% of public school students.  For art classes, 62% of private school students had taken one in 2016 compared to only 41% in public schools. 

Performance level by school type varied as well, as indicated by the graphs below.  More information is provided in the May CAPE Outlook.