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September Featured Schools

Congratulations to Austin Jewish Academy, James L Collins Catholic School, Poetry Community School, Salem Lutheran School, and Vanguard Preparatory School.  These schools are our featured schools of the month! 

Join the association of Student Councils!  Tommy Calais from St. Agnes Academy in Houston and Courtney Goldberg of Episcopal High School in Houston recommend the guidance, student and advisor educational opportunities, and networking offered by TASC.  According to Goldberg, "Besides the innovative and inspiring educational programming provided by TASC, the most beneficial element is the network of experienced, caring, and helpful advisors that comes with attending events and building relationships." More information may be found at  

 Federal Funds

Did you submit your interest forms in May for Title I and Title II funds in preparation for this school year?  Are you in the consultation process to make sure that you are receiving all of the services that you should be receiving?  Private schools are eligible for equitable services funded by federal dollars, with absolutely NO strings attached, but sometimes the local school district (who is responsible for delivering these services) does not know that local private schools are interested or they are not aware of their obligation to let private schools participate.  Please contact our office for more information if you are not taking advantage of federal funds and would like to learn more!

There will be a rally on the Capitol steps in Austin on Friday, January 30th in celebration of all school choices that we are lucky to have in the state of Texas!  Join your public school, charter school, home school, and virtual school friends as we highlight the rich diversity of options in our state.  Please contact our office ([email protected]) if your school is interested in participating.  There are limited funds to provide transportation to this event.  This is a great way to be with other schools, show support for school choice, and get in a field trip to the Capitol!

New Tax Credit Scholarship Video

The 84th Legislative Session will be here before we know it - January 12th to be exact.  While protecting private schools
from unnecessary regulation is our first priority, you will hear much talk about school choice.  A tax credit scholarship bill is our school choice legislation preference and we are working on bill language with legislators in advance of the session.

While access to our schools for families who may not otherwise be able to attend our schools is very important, we need to make sure that any legislation does not bring about additional regulation or government interference.  This piece of legislation is the best way to accomplish this goal.   Click here to see our Executive Director explain what tax credit scholarships are, and how they can benefit all Texans.

A recent Breitbart article outlined this legislation and explained it in the context of past legislative sessions.

Survey of Principals - Data from Two Related Federal Studies

The CAPE newsletter summarizes these NCES studies that compares conditions, influence and mobility of private school administrators and their public school peers.  This is important information to have as the focus of education reform shifts from district level strategies to individual school leadership.  Much
can be learned from how private schools administrators view their jobs and make decisions about their career in the long

Texas TEA Announces Intention to Apply for Federal Pre-K Grant


Commissioner Michael Williams announced on Sept. 19th that Texas will seek federal funds for pre-k.  Texas is not known as a state that seeks federal funding as a rule, so this decision was a surprise to some.  TPSA is in consultation with the TEA to make sure that the implementation of an expanded pre-k program does not harm the 500 private schools in Texas that include preschool grades or are a stand-alone preschool.  As state-funded pre-k has expanded in other states, the result was a clear and dramatic decrease in enrollment in private preschools.  We will work to ensure that this does not happen in Texas.  A partnership with private providers who are already serving preschool students well is important to consider in order to maintain the diversity of options that we have now.


The Texas Private Schools Association is thrilled to announce a partnership with Smart Tuition.  Smart Tuition is the largest independently-owned tuition management company.  The company is the only tuition management service exclusively serving K-12 schools and has recently unveiled an enhanced platform to all of its customers, including enterprise level tracking and reporting.  TPSA knows that Smart Tuition understands the unique needs of private schools.